Full Mouth Reconstruction

Complete Oral Rehabilitation in Lacey, WA

Treating a single cavity or removing external stains from a smile are relatively simple procedures on their own. Combining these with additional dental care solutions, however, is a more complex issue entirely. If you are looking to have extensive work done on your smile, our dentist can restore the health and appearance of your teeth.

Karl Hoffman Dentistry offers full mouth reconstructions to Lacey, Olympia, and all surrounding communities.

Dr. Hoffman’s Expertise

Full mouth reconstruction involves combining different forms of care to completely rehabilitate the smile. The individual procedures behind oral rehabilitation on a large scale are taught in dental school, but applying them in concert for optimal results is a skill developed over time. If your smile needs to be restored in this manner, you deserve treatment from a dentist who has taken the time to practice this treatment method.

Dr. Hoffman has spent years developing his skill set to offer full mouth reconstruction. He knows how to properly rehabilitate a smile, and he spares no effort to give your smile a uniform appearance and the structure it needs to function properly. When you visit our dentist in Lacey for comprehensive dental services, you can rest assured that you are being served by one of the most capable doctors in our community.

When Is Reconstruction Necessary?

Multiple cosmetic and restorative dental treatments are applied in a coordinated manner over the course of a full mouth reconstruction. The goal of this process is to rehabilitate your entire smile, giving it the beautiful and natural appearance you want while making sure it is healthy enough to last a lifetime.

Though just about anyone can benefit from this course of care, it is especially beneficial for patients who have experienced a significant loss of dental structure, functionality, and aesthetics.

As with each treatment he provides, Dr. Hoffman’s main goal with complete oral rehabilitation is providing the best service for his patients’ health. He precisely diagnoses oral health problems and discusses the issues that are preventing you from looking like your personal ideal. From this, he develops a treatment plan that provides the most beneficial impact. If a tooth does not need reconstruction, Dr. Hoffman leaves it alone; he sticks to treating your concerns so your care remains affordable, convenient, and effective.

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Karl Hoffman Dentistry provides full mouth reconstruction services to Lacey and beyond. Our dentist works with his patients to determine the best way to customize care for their overall needs. For more information, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today.

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