Preventive Dentistry

Protecting Good Oral Health in Lacey, WA

The only treatment plan superior to one that cures dental illnesses is a plan that prevents these ailments from happening at all. Karl Hoffman Dentistry offers preventive dentistry in Lacey and to Olympia. Conveniently located in the Meridian Campus neighborhood, we can help anyone in our local community maintain a healthy, beautiful smile.

Quality Care through Comprehensive Dentistry

To make sure your teeth—and, therefore, your entire body—stay healthy, our Lacey dentist provides comprehensive dentistry, which is the combination of multiple procedures to provide more effective oral health care. If a section of your smile needs multiple procedures to save it from tooth decay and gum disease, Dr. Hoffman can perform a periodontal deep cleaning and filling placement in one visit to halt these conditions when they are small. Our dentist can provide more solutions to meet more distinctive preventive needs.

As a dentist dedicated to enhancing his skill set, Dr. Hoffman conducts several different procedures with a high level of quality. Moreover, the various procedures he uses to protect your smile’s health are all provided in one location, making the care you receive timely and consistent in quality.

Why Comprehensive Prevention Matters

The human mouth is full of bacteria that can harm its health. Whenever these bacteria feed on the leftover debris of the food you eat, two destructive reactions occur.

The first is that acid is produced by bacteria digesting food, especially sugar. This acid can diminish the structure of your teeth to cause cavities, which will eventually lead to the tooth falling out from decay if left untreated. The second is that the bacteria collect on and adhere to your teeth. This buildup of bacteria and the debris they feed on is called plaque. In addition to being a source of tooth-eating acid, the body’s response to bacteria is the swelling of the gums; prolonged irritation will lead to gum recession and eventual bone degeneration. This destruction of the tissue keeping teeth in place is gum disease, and teeth will fall out if they do not have the gums or bone to support them.

In addition, the loss of teeth and the presence of gum disease are linked to several greater health problems, especially when both conditions are present at the same time. Your likelihood of experiencing heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other cardiovascular concerns rises as the severity of these conditions increases.

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If you want to make sure that your smile’s health is protected from decay and disease, give us a call and schedule your next appointment today! Karl Hoffman Dentistry provides preventive dentistry to Lacey and beyond. Our comprehensive approach to oral health care will help you keep your natural smile throughout your life. 

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