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A dedication to education, practical experience, and patient comfort are the benchmarks of quality dentistry. What you will notice on your very first visit is an atmosphere of caring, respect, and professionalism. Dr. Karl Hoffman has served his community for over twenty-five years, but what truly sets him and our practice apart is his expert knowledge of general dentistry. He is gentle, a good listener, and hires all "people persons" for his staff. You will get to know our staff and they will know you. Karl Hoffman Dentistry is able to provide personalized dental care to Lacey and Olympia as a result of Dr. Hoffman’s advanced understanding of oral health.

The Value of Continuing Education

“Continuing education” refers to the amount of training medical professionals are required to take each year. The standards of dentistry change every time a new technique or technology is developed and approved for use. Dentists undergo these courses to refresh their skill set and make sure the quality of the care they provide stays effective.

As with every other aspect of oral health care, our Lacey dentist goes above and beyond when taking continuing education.

Dr. Hoffman takes more continuing education courses each year than many other dentists do. These courses are provided through several hands-on study clubs that meet monthly, giving him more opportunities to master new developments in dentistry and understand how they truly help his patients.

High-Quality Training

The number of courses Dr. Hoffman takes is second in importance to their quality.

Each of the continuing education academies Dr. Hoffman attends is renowned for presenting dentistry at its highest quality. Some of these groups include the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry, the International Academy of Gnathology, and the Academy of Operative Dentistry. Dr. Hoffman works hard to be able to offer the very best for his patients.

A Teacher and a Scholar

Dr. Hoffman’s dedication to continually improving his understanding of dentistry makes him an excellent dentist. However, he does not just learn more about how to help you develop a healthy smile; he also helps other dentists develop that knowledge as well. Dr. Karl Hoffman is a part-time affiliate instructor at the University of Washington Dental School’s Restorative Department. He trains other dentists in how to provide durable and beautiful crowns, bridges, fillings, and other prosthetics that rebuild the health of the smile.

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Karl Hoffman Dentistry offers quality, customized dental services to Lacey and all surrounding areas. You can visit our office in the Meridian Campus neighborhood to see firsthand how advanced education can make all the difference in your oral healthcare. For more information about our unique approach to dentistry, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today.

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